Xiaomi plans to enter the US market in 2019

MI in the USA

MI plans to enter the USA market in 2019:

Xiaomi aims to step on US soil during the next year. The bold statement was made by the company’s vice president, Wang Xiang, who spoke with Reuters about the company’s 2019 plans. According to him, the US market is “very attractive” and the company will start to develop its devices to be compatible with the US networks.


Xiang said the company “hopes it can do something,” adding that Xiaomi’s representatives have yet to reach a final agreement with the carriers. If successful, the Beijing technology giant will move to a market in which Chinese companies turn on. The US Senate suggested carriers should break their contracts with Huawei, while ZTE is on the verge of closing after breaching embargo agreements and then not cooperating with US officials.

MIUI 10 confirmed in 28 Xiaomi devices

Although the political situation between China and the United States generates tension between both economies, Xiang remains positive. He highlighted the good relations between Xiaomi and chip maker Qualcomm based in San Diego and Google’s parent company, Alphabet. Part of the reason for this was that Mr. Xiang was in charge of Qualcomm’s operations in China before joining Xiaomi.

Xiaomi MI in the USA

The search for Xiaomi to enter more and more markets is currently going pretty well. He managed to overtake Samsung as the largest supplier in India and is also expanding to other major countries such as France and Italy, which helps him compensate for the lost ground with the lower cost rivals in his domestic market.

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